Film Faction is a community based around a passionate love of the cinema.

Originally meeting as rival video editors on a site that would stage “competitions” based around who could create the superior music video, a small sect of contributors branched out to build a community solely focused on film - conversation, observation, critique, theory, and yes, competition.

At Film Faction, we encourage passionate talk about all things movies and television. And if you’re up for it, we are also still very much an editing community. We will be staging “competitions” and “festivals” in which anyone can create music videos based around movies and television, winning respect and the occasional prize!

We also strive to be a community that nourishes outside work. Are you a writer? Working on a short film? Brave enough to begin a feature? We want to know about it, and contribute to your success in any way possible! Whether it is something as small as a word of advice, or we can help in a much greater fashion, Film Faction will be a family of diverse people who help one another. If one of us thrives, we all thrive.

Here we long to be inspired, and create unique works of art based off of that inspiration. We hope to not only share that inspiration with you, but that you would take up arms with us, and help us forge a strong community of like-minded individuals, building a place for creatives to contribute their ideas, passions, and creations.

It is free of charge, and will never cost you anything. We just want to forge acquaintances and friendships over a mutual love and inspiration derived from cinema.

Click the link and come say hello!