Tackling World Issues

In one of the final videos to be released before Film Faction was started, sarcastic debuted to MMV editing with something serious to say. “The Works of Hate” shine a light on the inequality and evil in the world, using real life television media to paint a bleak picture of the current state of affairs.

The Best of Three

The “Best of Three” series was a first for movie editing at our former home. The culmination of a full year of matches, rivals beej and HTW faced off one last time in three matches, all in the same competition. The winner of two out of three would claim final victory - with HTW ultimately pulling off the win.

"The Chicago Way"

The Chicago Way” was one of the most influential and integral videos in kicking off what we came to know as the MMV division - a group of editors focused on creating engaging and thought-provoking videos centered around cinema. Edited by AD.